Coffe By Di Bella- Peddar Road

Food- 4.5/5
Ambience- 4/5
Service- 4/5
Value for Money- 5/5

Must try: Freakshakes and Waffles

The reason for visiting this place was to taste their yummy waffles. This place is also known for the freakshakes they have on their menu. It is located in Vama store near peddar road and it is difficult to find the store. I had to walk throughout the store to get to this place as a result it was a tiring experience but the store people guided us well…

Okay so here’s what u looking for…
1. Ambience: The place is spacious and has nice sofa. It wasnt too crowded as it was tuesday. You will find a very good crowd at this place. It has pictures of freakshakes on the wall which takes your cravings to another level.

2. Food: While I was busy searching this place it was the aroma of freshly baked waffles which also helped me to locate it. I wanted to taste the waffle so I ordered Rocky Road Waffle along with Iced Frappe.

Rocky Road Waffle- It was a pleasure for eyes and sweet buds. It was loaded with chocolate, almonds and walnuts. Usually marshmallows are also included as toppings, but I wanted eggless so it was excluded. The waffle was as it has to be, crispy from outside and spongy from inside with the perfect proportion of sugar, salt and vanilla essence. It was served with whipped cream and chocolate ice cream. These were the best waffles I ever had.

Iced Frappe- This drink was perfectly blended and tasted awesome. Its consistency was good and had a perfect proportion of coffee and sugar.

The next thing to try is their Freakshakes..

Service: The Staff was nice and they explained what exactly the dish was properly. It took little time to make waffles but the wait was worthwhile.

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