Grandmama’s Café- Lower Parel

Food- 😋
Ambience- 😍
Value for money- 😕
Service- ✌🏻
Overall- 4.5/5

Recommendation- Mac & cheese

Way Out:
Located in one of the most happening place in Lower Parel that is Kamla Mills

Our Experience:
If you are bored of modern style pubs & want a break from daily hustle bustle, then Grandma’s is the place for some one who likes peace & no hard music.
The name Grandmama’s cafe itself takes you back to your granny’s time with ambience resembling European-Britain era with gorgeous artworks placed on their walls, sofas & chairs as comfortable as you feel like finishing up the novel.
Cutlery is served in small colorful tin baskets while some dishes are served in miniature bicycle along with basket on it, as bicycle symbolizes the theme of their restaurant.

So what if I tell you that you can get some Jain food in this vintage times café?
Yes, you heard me right?
As there are limitations for Jain food, we thought trying out mac & cheese.
The food arrived little late. Portion served was less which can be sufficient for a single person. But when you take a bite of mac and cheese in your mouth the taste overcomes the quantity part and you will want more.
It was a perfect blend of cheese & pasta with good amount of cheese which makes your tongue craves more & more. The white sauce was a perfect mixture of milk and cheese which tasted heavenly. To add a little more taste we added oregano.

Negative Point:
Taking into account the quantity and the heavy taxes that they charged the price point of the dish was high.

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