Tea Villa Café- Vile Parle

Tea villa café located just 10mins away from Vile Parle Station (east).

Why we recommend this place?
Are you thinking of a date with candle light dinner at rooftop with amazing ambience or want to gossip over a tea with your friends? Then, Tea villa café will make your visit memorable.

Cheese fondue, Peri Peri fries, cheese fritters, Kitkat waffles, chocolate loaded waffle.

Though this place is known for its deserts, we thought of trying something new.

Cheese Fondue: We ordered Jain & regular cheese fondue.
It was well presented, along with melting cheese having lot of herbs, soft bread pieces, varieties of veggies like zucchini, yellow & green bell peppers, broccoli, baby corn & potatoes(offcourse not present in jain😝). It was a delicious combo of cheese, herbs, spices & veggies. It wasn’t too bland nor too spicy.

Peri Peri Fries: If you are still hungry & craving for something spicy & yummy, then go for peri peri fries with lot of spice & sauces. The quantity was worth the money.

Cheese Fritters: A starter recommend to start your dinner. It is made up of three types of cheese, along with jalapeño, corn and assorted veggies.

Veg assorted pizza: If pizza is your life & want to taste all the varieties present on menu, than you can order a single piece of pizza.

Chocolate loaded waffle: Crispy, soft spongy waffle layered with Belgian Dark, Milk & White Chocolate. Highly recommend.

Kitkat waffle: This waffle comes with our favourite kitkat & melted chocolate on the top

So basically, just go ahead & plan your weekend over this cafe.

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