Aaoji Khhaoji – JM Road, Pune

Aaoji Khaaoji

If you going to this restaurant, then you must try Stuffed Paratha combos and Makke di Roti and Sargon da Saag. One should not miss this Jumbo lassi which is full of Malai, Dry fruits and with flavours added to it.

The seating arrangement is bit limited due to which we had to wait for 20-30 mins. Ambience is good, cool and plays punjabi songs many a times for you to get a feeling of dhaba and punjab. All the waiters are dressed up in traditional punjabi attire and they greet you with a warm “Aaoji Khhaoji” slogan..!

Food- 4.5/5
After encountering the menu, we were totally amazed to see the thalis named after famous personalities like dharmendra thali, kumbakaran thali,etc. We ordered kumbakaran thali which sounded pretty tempting to our cravings for punjabi food. It included 7 types of sabjis, 3 types of dals and pulses, 2 types of rice, 2 types of stuffed paranthas, 1 missi roti, 2 butter tandori roti, 3 types of sweet, boondi raita, and lots of white makkhan along with a huge glass of authentic lassi. It is the best option for a family lunch or a big group. Every item on the plate was totally yum 😋, although our favourites were the stuffed parantha with delicious stuffing,sukhi alu ki sabji, paneer ki sabji, daal makhni and offcourse garama garam gajar ka halwa and gulab jamun with rabdi. You just can’t miss this end of your meal.

The staff is very warm and will make you feel comfortable and give you the best service by suggesting the best dish on the menu if you are a first time visitor or according to your type of cravings.

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