Patil Juice Centre – Charni Road, Mumbai

Drinks: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value for money: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

The very next thing that you want to do after eating your food is that, you want to grab a drink. Something similar happened with us when we finished eating our food near Hinduja College lane and were craving for some drinks, Patil Juice centre suddenly crossed our mind.

It is located opposite Central Plaza cinema, Charni Road. This place is so famous that any one will guide you.

Chocolate Milkshake, Kiwi Punch, Oreo shake, Cold Coffee, Mocktails, Chocolate delight.

This place has an extensive menu enough to confuse you what to order? 🙈 They have different variety’s of Mocktails with names of Bollywood films. The description written below will help you to know what kind of juices are mixed. We wanted something simple so we ordered watermelon milkshake and chocolate milkshake. Both the jucies were blended perfectly and tasted nice. Watermelon milkshake had pieces of watermelon 🍉 in it and chocolate milkshake had chocolate chips in it which overcomes the need of crunch. It is the best chocolate milk shake in the town which is also cheap & satisfy your midnight cravings.

The Kiwi punch is our personal favourite. It is made up of kiwi fruit, milk & vanilla icecream. While taking a sip of drink, we came across slices of kiwi & topped vanilla icecream.

Cold coffe- a must try for all coffee lovers.

Oreo milkshake – a perfect combination of crushed oreo biscuits & milk.

You will find lots of people waiting for their drink to arrive and you might think that you drink will take hours to arrive, but their service is so fast that they will give you your drink in approximately 10 mins.

1. A full glass means you will get two glass full of drink and a half means you will get a single glass of drink. So order accordingly.
2. They do not have a sitting arrangement.
3. This place is approxly open till 3.00 am.

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