The VJ Café – Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Ambience- 3/5
Service- 3.5/5
Food- 3.5/5
Value for money- 4/5

Location- located in a busy street of Linking road, Bandra.

We happen to visit this place in a hot summer afternoon and as we entered the AC was not working. There were only 4 chairs for seating which were already occupied so we have to stand for half and hour.

What we had ?

Twisted potatoes-
Deep fried golden potato curled around a stick like a ribbon served with spicy peri peri sauce. This fusion is favourite among the people who crave spicy food & we loved it too.

Jain pizza fries-
It was more of achari fries than pizza fries, there was no pizza sauce and no veggies. Our encounter with pizza fries here was not that great and hence we would not like to recommend this variety of fries.

To balance the not so great experience of pizza fries, we ordered chilli cheese fries as a takeaway.

Chilli Cheese Fries-
Yummy crispy golden fries were fried to perfection. Cheese & chilli sauce both were packed separately, which makes it easy to carry for longer journey. The fries were not soaky which made it taste even better.

Jain Banana fries- A good option in jain fries which is made from raw bananas served with lots of cheese & mayo.

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