Chai Pe Charcha – Fort, Mumbai

‘When Your day seems topsy turvy & as stormy as can be, there’s nothing quite as tranquil as a nice hot cup of tea’ So put your feet up relax, gossip & enjoy the moments at chai pe charcha!!

Location- D’mello road, next to Nanumal bhojraj, Fort.

The ambience seems very funky and lively with scattered painting all over which is all about Mumbai and chaiwala modiji, very creative. Also on each tables there are different board games like snake & ladder, Ludo & Chess. You can pass your time by playing all these games.

Hajmola chai, Kulladwali charcha special chai, paneer paratha, Italian bhajia.

What we had-
Looking at the menu we thought of trying different varieties of tea,

Hajmola chai(5/5)- also knows as digestive tea, it has special ingredients of lemon, black salt, cumin & tea flavoured with medicinal herbs. This will definitely improve your upset digestive tract. Khatta chatpatta taste😋 highly recommended🤞🏻

Bun maska(4/5)-
Hot fruity bun with melted butter.
Taste best with kulladwali chai.

Kulladwali charcha special chai(5/5)- Soothing taste of adrak & lemongrass, served with a single piece of toast, Makes you feel completely fresh.

Italian Bread pakodas(jain) (5/5)- Hot pakodas Stuffed with cheese mayo & exotic veggies & served with mayonnaise. The taste was delicious. A must for all cheese lovers.

Panner paratha(5/5)- paratha made from whole wheat flour, with paneer in great quantity. Served with mango pickle & curd.

Plain maggi(3/5)- Dry, taste wise it was okay.

Coffee frappe- (3/5)
Cold coffee mixed with choclate syrup. Personally, the taste was not upto expectation.

Service(4.5/5)- The lady who attended us, was kind & helpful.

Value for money-4.5/5
Overall – 4.5/5



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