Raju Sandwich – Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

Food- 4/5
Taste- 3.5/5
Value For Money- 4/5
Overall- 4/5

Location- A small eatery which sells sandwiches in the lane of Lala Lajpatrai college, Worli.

Samosa cheese toast sandwich, Nutella Slice.

Being a small eatery joint, it does not have a seating arrangement.

How was it made?
Samosa cheese toast sandwich:- A single samosa, tomatoes, green bell peppers & Cheese toasted between two bread slices. The spice of green chuttney makes it delicious.

How was the taste?
The samosa which had less filling turned soggy after toasting it. The sandwich was served with tomato ketchup and spicy green chuttney which was medium spicy and we found the taste to be average, though this place is know for its samosa toast sandwich.
Rate – Rs. 60.
Also Available in Jain.

Nutella slice-
Nutella spreaded on a single buttery slice of bread. A simple but great option when you are craving for that delicious tasty nutella. A must for all nutella lovers.
Rate -Rs. 30 for single slice.

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