Amar Juice Centre – Chowpatty, Mumbai

Ambience- 4.5/5
Food- 4/5
Value for money- 3.5/5
Service- 4/5
Overall- ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Location- exact opposite to Girgaum chowpatty, Charni Road.

It has an unique two floor ambience unlike the outlet in vile parle. Also they have one unit of sofa seating for your big gang to party. On weekends one has to wait at night for table, because this place is always crowded.

Cheese pav bhaji, pani puri, Jain pizza, rava sada dosa, paneer 65, fresh fruit juices.

🚩 Paneer 65-
paneer sauteed in green veggies along with soya sauce, chilli sauce which gave this dish a chinese taste.

🚩Cheese Pav bhaji- Amar’s famous dish among people. Indian style bhaji served with buttery pav & amul cheese on top of bhaji.
Tastes best with thumsup or any other cold drinks.

🚩Club sandwich-
Very well presented, taste wise it was little bland & was cold when arrived.

🚩Pani puri- You call it Golgappe, puchka or pani puri, you get it best here. The dish consists of 8 puris with perfectly chatpata spicy pani, sweet & tangy tamarind chutney and masaledar sprouted moong with boondi. Usually we prefer only spicy pani wala pani puri but the tamarind chutney is so good that you shouldn’t miss it.

🚩Rava sada dosa- A crispy golden brown dosa made from rava batter with chopped green chillies and cashewnuts in it. Served with spicy and tangy sambhar & coconut chutney. This dosa was way too big than our expectations.

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