Khar Social – Khar, Mumbai


✒Ambience: 4.5/5

✒Food: 5/5

✒Service: 4.5/5

✒Value for money: 4/5

✒Overall: 4.5/5


It is located just a couple of minutes from Khar Station if you take an Auto. Khar Socials is located along with lot of places to hangout. So the chances of you getting confused of where to barge in is high. But do try this one as it is not going to disappoint you ever.

▶Look and feel:

Social is known for rusty interiors with comfortable seating arrangements with good choice of music in the background. The Jhula seating arrangement caught our attention and won our hearts. The mobile charger hanging in the middle is amazing as we all always have a buddy who will always say “Yaar battery kam hai”. The music is so lively that it lifts your mood as you are High.

▶What you should try?

OMG!!! is what you will say after seeing the variety of dishes on Both the Food as well as Drinks Menu. The best part is that the menu has dishes with unique names which creates excitement in you and you want to read whole menu.

〰Food: Social Khichdi, Double Chilly Cheese Toast, Cheesy Fries

〰Drinks: They have a huge variety of cocktails with different combinations which are worth trying. Our favorite is the Bob’s Bong and Above and Beyond in Shots.

▶What we had?

Double Chilly Cheese Toast, Fully Loaded Nachos, Cheesy Fries, Social Khichdi.

▶How was it?

The food served here not only pleases your tongue but also pleases your eyes. The presentation of food is so unique that you will just love it.


〰Double Chilly Cheese Toast:

Eight pieces of bread with loads of melting cheese and Chilly flakes on it. There is a surprise when this dish arrives. All you see is a pointed rod standing upright and passing through these cheesy pieces of bread. The bread is crunchy with lots of cheese on it. It is yummy..!!


〰Fully Loaded Nachos:

A bowl full of nachos chips with melted cheese, beans, salsa sauce and sour cream on it. The chips are crunchy with lots of cheese. The spicy taste of the beans compliments the cheesy nachos. A glimpse of these tasty nachos is enough for your gang to pounce on it.


〰Cheesy Fries:

Golden brown strips of potato fried to perfection will be seen almost drowning in the pool of cheese. All you can do is just save the strips of potato by eating them without a second thought.


〰Social Khichdi:

Desi Ghee, Papad, Aachar and Salad is what comes to our mind when we think about Khichdi. Social Khichdi is exactly a combination of all these things and the pudine ki chutney is like Sone pe Suhaga.

Social Khichdi is served in aluminum bowls and a plate. It is garnished with fried onions and chopped coriander on it. As you eat a spoonful of khichdi the flavors of Indian Spices and the Desi ghee will make you engrossed in eating it more and more. Highly recommended✌🏻


〰Bob’s Bong:
This is a cocktail made from 5 type of liquors, Passion fruit, Apple, grape and cranberry juices. It is served in a bong which is unusual. A perfect juicy drink to give you a perfect high.

〰Above and Beyond:
This a shot with lots of alcohol and flavour. This is a saunf flavoured tequila shot. Try it and you will love it.

Overall an awesome place for your perfect night out plan.😉

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