145 The Mill Lower Parel, Mumbai

Ambience- 5/5
Service- 5/5
Food- 5/5
VFM- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

About the place-
This is the third outlet of 145, the other two being located at Kala Ghoda & Bandra. The ambience is classy with pool inside. You can play for 50mins by just giving Rs 170/- . The seating arrangements is really spacious and comfortable with high rise tables. The flashy bar in the centre and the music in the background makes this a perfect place to party with your gang. We were greeted by Mr. Sharad who was kind & helpful. He made our lunch a memorable one by suggesting all the good dishes to try here according to our preferences.

What we had?

So when we went through their menu we thought that this place might not be serving lot of Jain food, but to our surprise they did manage to serve us some delicious dishes.

Let’s start with the drinks, the best part about this place is that they offer some amazing signature cocktails at a very affordable price of Rs. 295. We ordered one creamy cocktail & one refreshing cocktail.


👉Watermelon Thirst:
This is a refreshing cocktail made from watermelon juice, lemon and ginger juice along with basil and vodka. It was mixed till perfection and tasted good.

👉Gin Kane-
This drink is something different we had. It was a creamy and boozy drink with flavours of mango, strawberry, orange and coconut in it. Highly Recommended…!!

The drinks served here has the potential to give you a happy high..!! Kudos to the team..!!


👉 Pav Bhaji cones- (Jain)
Bhaji stuffed in soft cones. The consistency of the bhaji was thick & delicious to taste. The best part was that even after keeping the cones for sometime it din’t turned soggy. Again worth trying.

👉Avocado on toast-
The best appetizer to try out over here. Baked multigrain toast smeared with avocado, feta cheese & sun-dried tomatoes on top. A must try for all health freak people. This one is also available in Jain.

So while ordering Mains, we were told that wood fired Pizza’s are new addition to their menu so we couldn’t resist ordering it.

👉Margarita Pizza (Jain)-
Thin crust wood fired pizza topped with mozarella cheese & basil leaves. The aroma of freshly baked pizza was so tempting that we just couldn’t resist having it. It was delicious to taste and was just perfectly baked. Highly Recommended…!!

👉Spaghetti Aglio Olio-
Had spaghetti after a very long time and I do not regret eating here. It was made just perfectly with the right amount of taste of garlic and the spiciness in it. Highly Recommended…!! It is not available in Jain.

So if you visiting 145 and not ordering a freakshake, then you have wasted your day. So we ordered

👉Brownie waffle freakshake🍫- (Eggless)
Thick freakshake made from brownies. Cookie was placed on brim with whipped cream. The consistency was perfect with the right quantity of sweetness. This freakshake looks very tempting with gems, chocolate rolls, rings and waffle on it. The waffle to our surprise wasn’t that spongy, otherwise the shake was perfect. Highly Recommended…!!



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