Pure Milk Centre Ghatkopar East, Mumbai

Pure Milk Centre is located at Vikrant Circle, Ghatkopar. It’s nearby to both Ghatkopar & Vidyavihar station. Recently they have started with an AC section. Weekends are usually always full. Staff here is very courteous & helps you in tasting the best dishes of PMSC. Also, service here is quick. This place is known for their famous Cheese burst range of Dosas. We went to try their new menu of Cheese burst.
The new menu includes Cheese Burst Masala pav, Double Decker sandwich, Amritsari Dosa & many more. 

What we had?
Started off with juices as we were tired & wanted some refreshment. Ordered a basic Maramari Juice & Coconut Sitaphal Milk shake. Both were really good. 

Cheese Burst Masala Pav- (Jain)
Delicious & Spicy masala pav drizzled with a oddles of cheese. It was a beautiful sight to watch on as the pav is drizzled by cheese. It was good to taste. 

Jainam Dosa- 
The name itself says that this dosa is recommended for all Jain people. Ideally they serve 6pcs for full dosa, we ordered for half i.e 3pcs which was also quite filling for two people. Now they have started with one pc too. Which means one can get to taste single piece of Dosa at a very nominal rate & who wants to eat light & not heavily stuff himself. A great option is what we would say. Coming back to dosa, it had everything in it. Right from cabbage, bell pepper, sheets of paneer, a roll with stuffing of Palak etc. It was a little on sweeter side to taste. A must try.


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