Tea Villa Cafe Charni Road, Mumbai

Ambience- 5/5
VFM- 5/5
Service- 5/5
Food- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

About the place- 
TVC is located right opposite to Charni Road station, next to hotel Sankalp. The place is huge with different types of seating available. They serve huge varieties of tea & other food dishes. 

Our Experience: 
So, we both stay very near to this place and has been on our bucket list since the day it started their fitout. The place seamed to be very nice and peppy from outside. So we just hopped in the other day for a dinner with our friends. The moment we entered, the place didn’t failed our expectations. This Tea Villa Cafe is surely a different one and has a peppy and bright ambience. It has seating arrangements for all types of groups to hang out. A lot of Jain varieties you will get to see on their Menu, the reason being located in Charni Road. So let me take you through what we ate and how was it.


▶Chilli Paneer- (Jain)
Since we ordered it Jain Garlic was excluded. Soft Cottage cheese cubes marinated & tossed in exotic veggies. It was full of flavours & tasted good.

▶Cheese Combo-
If you’re a cheese lover then this is definitely a must to order rather than ordering only Cheese fritters individually. It consists of Jalapeno cheese balls, Mac n Cheese balls & mozarella sticks. It was served along with different sauces. Highly recommended appetizer. 

▶Mini Burger( Jain)
It comes in three pcs. Small cute looking mini burger stuffed with mini cheese fritters & Jalapeno corn. It was cheesy, crispy & delicious to taste. Just loved them..!! 


▶Indian spicy pizza- (Jain)
Thick crispy pizza base topped with tomatoes, olives, Jalapeño & cheese. It was spicy & cheesy to taste. 

▶Exotic Vegetables with Chilli Basil Sauce Sizzler-
We ordered this sizzler with rice. The vegetables were nicely tossed and weren’t bland. The drizzle of Chilli Basil sauce on the rice made it taste delicious. A good option for all the Jain food lovers out here. 


▶Strawberry blast waffle-
This waffle is definitely to be called when strawberry season is around the corner. Soft crunchy waffle drizzled with dark chocolate & garnished with pcs of strawberries. It was delicious to taste. Highly recommended.

▶Nutella Jar Shake-
Recommended for all Nutella lovers. Shake made with nutella with whipped cream & kitkat on top. It was later garnished with pistachio. The consistency was thick & good to taste. 

Yes! that’s their new addition on their dessert menu. As soon as we saw we ordered it. The churros was just perfect & very tempting. White & dark chocolate was used on churros which made it taste even more better. Highly Recommended..!!


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