Qinling at Lower Parel, Mumbai – A Pure Veg Sichuan Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Food- 5/5
Service- 5/5
Ambience- 5/5
Value for Money- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

About our Experience:
Qinling is recently opened Pure Vegetarian Sichuan Chinese Cuisine Restaurant. Hence, the restaurant has derived its name “Qinling” from mountain range in Shaanxi Province of China (Szechuan Alps).
The restaurant has variety of dishes inspired from the traditional recipes and flavourful food from the town of Sichuan on the Menu. The main reason for us visiting this restaurant was that almost 60% of the Menu has Jain dishes.
The restaurant is located in Lower Parel right opposite to High Street Phoenix inside The Rolling Pin. The bright modern Chinese ambience just uplifts the mood. The staff is very helpfull and Specially Mr. Sameer who explained the entire concept of the restaurant as well has how team Qinling struggled to get that perfect eggless noodles and wanton sheets which took our excitement to another level. Without wasting much of your time we will quickly see what we had and how wast it..!!


1. Qinling Passion:
This one is made from orange juice, passion fruit and Ginger Syrup. It tasted fruity and delicious. Recommend.

2. Basil Infused Lemonade: A refreshing lemonade infused with basil. Its delicious and recommend if you have travel to this restaurant on a sunny day.

3. Strawberry Lemonade:
A classic drink made from strawberry syrup with the hint of spices that will take you down to your childhood memories where you use to sip ice golas. Amazing.

4. Cucumber Grapefruit Cooler:
This one is a different combination of Cucumber and Grapes. Its delicious but somehow it left a bitter note towards the end, may be because of the cucumber.


1. Spicy Noodle Soup: (Jain) Simple yet delicious spicy soup with noodles, bok choy and Chinese cabbage. A perfect way to start your meal. This one is available in Jain.

2. Lemon Coriander Soup: This ones a classic tangy soup with loads of veggies. It tasted heavenly.


1. Corn, Cheese & Capsicum Pot Stickers: (Jain)
These are pan fried dimsums stuffed with corn, cheese and capsicum. These are available in Jain and are perfect for the Cheese Lovers. Highly Recommended..!

2. Spicy Vegetable and Lemongrass Dumpling: Tender dumplings stuffed with exotic vegetables. The hint of lemon grass and the aromatic soy sauce which is served along with dumplings makes these dumplings outstanding. Recommend..!!

3. Chengdu Style Spicy Vegetable Wontons: Finding vegetarian wanton sheets is a task and now Qinling has managed to do it. These wantons are stuffed with exotic vegetables and is topped with butter garlic sauce and hot chilli oil which makes it taste delicious. Highly Recommended..!!

4. Sichuan Style Tofu with Crackling Spinach:
Cubes of Tofu which are crisp from outside and tender from inside are sauted in sweet and spicy sauce and topped with deep fired crispy spinach. I loved this dish as it was different as well as delicious to taste. The tofu just melts in your mouth.

5. Paneer with Chilli Black Bean Sauce: (Jain)
Cubes of Paneer cooked in Chilli Black bean sauce had a perfect balance of spice, sweetness and the umame flavour of soy sauce.


1. Sichuan Mala Hot Pot :
Veg & Jain both available.
– It is made by adding different Vegetables like broccoli, french beans, bamboo shoots, Asparagus, spinach, bok choy, snow peas, Chinese cabbage in the broth.
-Then in a strainer they add baby corn, water chestnut, tofu, peanuts, lotus stem, edamame & noodles. These are Infused with the spices in the Broth.
– These infused vegetables, noodles are served along with the the broth/hot pot.
– It is very much spicy & hot. It is to be had like a soupy noodles.
– Highly Recommend for only those who love Spicy Food.

2. Burnt Garlic Fried Rice with Jade Vegetable Platter:
Delicious fried rice with flavour of Burnt Garlic goes perfectly with this Jade Vegetable Platter which is sweet and tangy to taste. The Jade Vegetables is available in Jain and also goes perfectly with steamed rice. Recommended..!!


1. Sizzling Brownie:
This sizzling brownie comes with a twist. Its a pull apart brownie with rich Belgian Chocolate syrup, marshmallows and gems. Its a bliss to our eyes ans offcourse our sweet tooth. The best part is Marshmallows are eggless..!!

2. Qinling Ice Cream Sundae:
We just loved this simple yet heavenly dessert which is nothing but a bed of crispy honey noodles topped with scoop of black sesame and ginger caramel ice-cream. The crunch of the noodles along with sweetness of honey completes this dessert. It also helps to clear your palate, so if you had Hot Pot then you must order this inorder to calm yourself.


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