Authentic South Indian Food at Banana leaf, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Food- 5/5
Service- 5/5
Ambience- 5/5
Value for Money- 5/5
Overall- 5/5

Our Experience:
Ever since the unlock of lockdown, we were craving to have some delicious authentic South Indian Food and then we got to know that Banana Leaf has opened recently in Kamla Mills. Without a second thought we decided to go for a dinner over here.
First thing to mention is that the place is well sanitized, your temperature is checked and you have to sanitize your hand before entering the restaurant. All the safety measures are properly followed.
The ambience of the restaurant has a South India vibe with classic modern touch. The staff is properly dressed which compliments the ambience and the theme of the restaurant. Mr. Yadav was amazing at his job as he rightly understood our preferences and suggested the dishes which were delicious.

Here’s what we ordered and how it tasted…


1. Super Health:
We were surprisingly happy to see something healthy like this on the Menu as we have started adopting healthy Lifestyle. This one was made from peer, apple, sweet lime, ginger and cinnamon. It tasted good and was without sugar so they just earned a brownie point.

2. Hangover:
Our lady ordered on of their exotic juice made from Orange, Pineapple and Cranberry. It was also delicious.


1. Coorg Idli (Jain):
While ordering appetizers we were so confused as they have hell lot of options on the menu. But Mr. Yadav kept on stressing for Coorg Idli as the best Jain option. And trust us this one was the best option. Pieces of Idli were tossed in spicy tangy thick tomato gravy and served with chuttney’s and sambar. We loved it, we recommend it and we are going to visit the place to have it again..!!

2. Kozhukattai Bombs:
We ordered this non jain option for appetizers. The main reason for ordering this one is that this is their exclusive dish. These bombs are nothing but deep fried rice balls with cheese and onion with a coating of ghee and Molgapodi Powder. My mouth is watering as I am writing this. Toh soch lo how was it.


1. Veg Malabar Curry (Jain)with Appam and Kerala Paratha:
For main course we ended up selecting Veg Malabar Curry in Jain which is also one of their Best seller dish on online platforms. This coconut curry is rich, thick and creamy and has lots of vegetables to satiate your hunger. This tastes good with both Appam as well as Kerala Paratha.

2. Veg Dakshin Biryani (Jain)
This Biryani is definitely stands out when we compare with the other Biryani’s we had. This Biryani is aromatic as it has to be but the twist is the gravy and the vegetables used to make it. The tangy gravy with veggies like snake gourd(chichinda), pointed gourd (parval), Ivy gourd (tendli), beans, etc compliments the aromatic rice and gives it a dakshin touch. It is served with Appalam(papad) and Raita. Highly Recommended..!!


1. Yelneer Payasam– Delicious dessert made from Coconut Water, Milk and had Julians of tender coconut and almonds. It was unique and tasty.


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