TYGR Lower Parel, Mumbai

Ratings: Food: 5/5 Ambience: 5/5 Service: 5/5 Value for Money: 5/5 Overall: 5/5 Location:  “Tygr” is located at one of the most happening place of South Mumbai i.e. The High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel. You will find this place on first floor of Palladium.  About Place: “TYGR” is definitely another feather on the cap of Zorawar Kalra’s restaurants. Mr. Kalra has never failed to amuse us with the innovative concept of restaurants and the culinary served in them. “TYGR” is a modern Thai bar and Grill concept where customers can not only have a fine dining experience but also grab quick bites like Burgers when they are in Rush. This place has one of the best cocktails on their Menu at very competitive price.  Our Experience: “TYGR” had been always on our list from the day it started its operations. It has been the talk of the town being opened in one of the prime places of Mumbai. We went to “TYGR” for a dinner.  Zorawar’s Restaurants always has a soft corner for all the JAIN foodies and hence they have a seperate Menu for Jain which made Payal fall in love for all the Massive Restaurants. The ambience just awestruck us with the dim lights, high tables, lavish Bar and plants which goes perfect according to the concept. As we entered we were attended by Mr. Anuj who helped us select the food according to our preferences. He was very knowledgeable and explained each dish very well. The Manager on duty Mr. Sajet was very friendly and made sure that we were comfortable. Kudos to the team for great service..!!  So here’s our food journey at “TYGR” DRINKS As it was a dry day we could only taste mocktails. We tried, 🍹The Ting Tong:  A drink made from coconut milk and fruits like pineapple and papaya. It was delicious and yummy. 🍹Mango Basil:  A simple mango juice with hint of basil in it.  FOOD ☘Avocado Carpaccio:  Thin slices of Avocado cut with precision and seasoned with soy sauce, vinegar. It was served on a cold plate and is one of our favourite. Definitely going again to have this. Highly Recommend…!!  🍱Smelted Rice Flour Dumplings:  Small dumplings which were blue in colour made from rice flour and stuffed with veggies. They were served with thai chilli sauce, sesame seeds and burnt garlic on it. It tasted good. 🍛Tempura Cakes:  Crispy shells made from tempura batter filled with sweet chilli sauce and mayo. The presentation is amazing and gives you a feeling of cracked eggs on the nest. A pleasure to eyes and mouth at the same time. 🍜Clear Vegetable & Dumpling Soup: (Jain) This one is available on the Jain menu. The soup just tastes delicious and had flavour of coconut in it. It had cubes of zucchini and dumplings in it. Highly Recommended..!!  🍲Preserved Raw Mango, Avocado Salad:  It is one of the best salads we ever had. It was sweet and delicious to taste. Tygr has food for all the people craving for healthy food.  🍕Veg Pizzette:  Crispy tortilla sheet topped with edamame beans, parmesan cheese and ketchup. It was little bit on sweeter and tangy side but we just loved it. Highly Recommended..!!  🍀Avocado & Arugula Flat Bread: Another healthy and also Jain option on the Menu. Crispy flat breads topped with slices of Avocado and lots of Arugula. Must try for all Avocado lovers..! 🍄 Stuffed Mushroom:  Small mushrooms stuffed with corn and cheese with a spicy seasoning. It was spicy and just tasted awesome..!! Recommended..!!  🍛Crispy Lotus Stem:  Thin crispy slices of lotus stem glazed with sweet and spicy chili sauce. It was garnished with black and white sesame seeds. It had very strong flavours. Recommended..!! Also available in Jain. 🍲Stir Fried Veg: Exotic thai vegetables like edamame, Bockchoi etc stir fried to perfection.  🍝Pad Thai Noodles: (Jain) Thin pad thai noodles cooked in sweet and chilli sauce along with ground nuts. It tasted delicious. Highly Recommended…!!  🍚Veg Green Curry with Jasmine Rice:  The typical creamy thai curry with vegetables like zucchini, Kaffir lime, bamboo shoot, mushroom cooked in coconut milk. It tasted best along with the Jasmine Rice. Highly Highly Recommend..,!! Just go for it without thinking..!!  DESSERT- 🍯Chocolate Fudge: (Eggless) Delicious chocolate fudge topped with whipped cream and served along with delicious blueberry ice-cream with small cherry on the top. The fudge was perfectly sweet. It was the only eggless dessert. Recommended..!!


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